Weekend Roundup: July 27th

Bras Galore

All these ads from True & Co and Lively are hitting me hard. Now I’m thinking about buying a bra before I try it! Crazy, I know lol. But it’s got me thinking why did it take so long for bras made by women for women to hit the market?


Back on the CBD train. As you may or may not know I hosted an event last March all about the science of CBD. Well it’s still just as popular as ever! I bought Half Day’s peach flavored oil and I’m gonna give it a try. I’ve used vape pens, creams and gummies with minimal results. I' don’t give up easily though lol. So we’ll see how this oil works out.

Current Fave

I found Rachel Kern’s account on IG lately - oliandbaz - and fell in love! I love watching artists work and being themselves. I mean she dances! What else can I say?

Zuri McClelland