Weekend Roundup: April 13th

The weekend round up. All the things I watched or read or listened to this weekend:

Having a Media Company Mentality by Gary Vee - I was doing some researching into what a media company actually is and this article from Vee was one of the first links. And of course once I read it I went down the rabbit hole of internet links. It’s a great read and it was very useful for me to think about documenting my journey instead of focusing on creating content. So check it out!

Speaking of the internet rabbit hole I’ve been reading this book called The Shallows and it’s giving me life! It’s all about how the internet and other technological advances affects what and how we do things like read or write. Definitely one of my favorite books of the year.

Love how gorgeous Dimma Umeh looks in this video. And since I’ve started playing with eyeshadow more and more maybe I’ll try a full face of makeup one of these day.