3 Unexpected Reasons Why You Need More Science in Your Life

I know for many of you science was not their favorite subject. Maybe you had a physics high school teacher who was always monotone. Or you barely passed your *required* college biology class because you couldn’t remember all the bones in your body. And now that you’re an adult you see no reason to add any more science in your life. But hold on one second and hear me out.

Science is a difficult subject for many and easier for a select few, yes. But science has so many benefits to your health, your relationships and the environment. Honestly, you could be missing out on a lot of useful information if you’re not taking the time to learn more science. Because here’s the thing:

Science can explain 97% of what happens around you.

It can explain why you have adult acne.

Why yoga is good for your muscles.

Heck, it can even explain why you get upset at your boyfriend for watching that Game of Thrones episode without you.

What about the other 3%? Well, some things are just unexplainable and that’s where I believe God comes in.

Science may not always give you the best way to fix a problem but it’s definitely the first step to understanding a problem. Intentionally, taking some time every week or even just once a month to learn the latest science news gives you awesome skills that will help you in other areas of your life. So here are three qualities that you will develop when you start learning science on a regular basis.

3 reasons why you need more science in your life:

You’ll become empowered with knowledge

As I mentioned before science isn’t the easiest of subjects. However, as with anything, the more information you take in the more connections you make. You’ll see the connection between what you eat and how you feel. And when you make clearer connections you’ll feel more empowered because you’ll understand how and why people, places and things affect you. You may not realize it now but you’ll feel so much more powerful when you understand the basic science of life.

You’ll be more decisive

With more knowledge comes the power to decide what’s best for you. You may think this is obvious as well but lately I’ve noticed fewer people are making their own decisions. With the rise of social media and misinformation, people are seeing only one side and deciding that is the only right way. But when you starting learning more science and why things work the way they do, you can make better decisions. You’ll be able to explain your decisions because they’re based on real facts that you’ve gathered from multiple sources. And you’ll never need to feel bad about the decisions you made because you’ve done your research.

You’ll learn how to investigate

One of the greatest skills of any scientist is their drive to investigate and you too can gain this skill. When you learn about something you’re unfamiliar with you should immediately put on your scientist cap. You start asking the “W” questions: who, what, why, where, how. When you think like a scientist you take nothing at face value and you’ll start noticing when things don’t add up. You learn to investigate and do research to make sure it not all “fake news”. Most importantly, you experiment and explore with life. You’ll exactly have more fun and try out new things.

These three skills you develop as you learn more about science on a regular basis will help you in every aspect of your life.

Zuri McClelland