Curious Thought: Fix our problems

What if we could fix all our problems using engineering?

I’mnot talking about any kind of engineering but tissue engineering in particular.

When a scientist creates a new tissue like skin, a heart or a liver there are three important ingredients:

  1. Cells

  2. A scaffold

  3. Growth factors

Cells are placed on a scaffold which acts as the structuaral foundation for the tissue. To help the cells grow and multiple growth factors, or proteins are added to the mix. And under the ideal conditions, a new tissue can be made.

Now what if we thought of our solutions and answers like a lab experiment.

Well, we would need to create a good foundation of questions to explore - the scaffold. Then we have all these ideas. Each piece of the scaffold has a new idea or method attached ie the cell.

Then we bring in all the resources we need to figure it out. The books we read, the people we talk to, the videos we watch, the alone time to just think.

And when all of these things come together a new tissue (or rather a new solution) is born!


Zuri McClelland