The One Thing You Need to Explore

Exploring new worlds is scary. You have no idea what to expect and no idea what the outcome will be. And it can be daunting making that first leap.

For me that leap has taken many different forms. I’ve moved across the country on my own a few times, I volunteered for AmeriCorps without knowing a single person, I’ve got to a heck many networking events on my own. Man, those were scary as all heck. So how can you make sure you’ll have a soft landing? There’s only one thing you need: a safe space.But through the years I’ve learned ways to create safe spaces so I’ve felt a little less scared.

A safe space makes it easier to explore.  

It sounds so simple. But when we try to explore new worlds without a safety net we fall flat on our faces. Our friends ridicule us, we embarrass ourselves, our family discourages us. That’s why we need to create a safety zone where we can experience and talk about new things.

So what does a safe space look like?

Well, it depends on the individual. Everyone has their own unique environment that makes them feel comfortable. For example, I thrive in an environment that’s a little silly where everyone is asking thought provoking questions with lots of free space to think aka pauses. This allows me to be imaginative and fully think something through before I speak.

So take some time to think about the kind of space that makes you feel safe. Here are a few options that can make great safe spaces for you:

Where to find safety:

Join or create a interest group

Ask for friends and family for their support

Join a Meet Up group


Find a guide - someone who’s done this before

Find or create a Facebook group

Join a Pinterest group

Invite people into your home - in your space you’ll feel more comfortable

Having that one friend who will call it and bail you out - just in case

What does your safe place look like?


Zuri McClelland