What We're Curious About

This is a running list of all the things we’re curious about. So check back often to see what’s added! (Last updated 4/15/19)

The world is full of amazing and intriguing things. There is so much to look at and wonder about around us and about us. We want to take a moment to celebrate the things that pique our interest. Here just a few:

  1. Why there’s so little blue in nature.

  2. The variety of flowers in the world

  3. When will denim skirt come back into fashion

  4. Why is okra so slimy

  5. Why does it always feel better to sleep in your own bed

  6. Why is the weatherperson wrong 50% of the time

  7. How colors are made

  8. How airplanes work

  9. What gets people curious

  10. The power of beautiful questions

  11. The secret to curly eyelashes

What would you add? Comment below!


Zuri McClellandComment