Curious Thought: On revisiting what's old

I revisited a book on my shelf this week. Something told me to pick it up and start reading. And so I did.

I remember when I first bought this book. I read it with such high hopes. Turns out I didn’t understand a word the author said. The flow was all wrong and I couldn’t make any connection to what I already knew.

But this time… it all made sense.

Every chapter. Every paragraph. Every word. There were light bulbs going off left and right. Somethings had clicked.

That’s the crazy thing about revisiting something old - it becomes NEW again.

Is there something old you should be revisiting? An old recipe. An old friend. An old memory.

When you take the time to explore - old and new - you make life changing discoveries. I challenge you to rediscover somethings that’s been on your mind.

What do you have to lose?



Zuri McClelland