It all started in 2016.

While in a graduate program for biomedical engineering I was itching for feminine energy AND good science nerdiness. I searched some of my favorites outlets - Refinery 29, Darling, and Bustle - and found lots of beauty tips and fashion ideas but nothing about science.

So I did what any millennial does - I started a blog.

It took me 11 months to decide on a name and pull the trigger but I finally did it! Not too long after I realized generating ideas, writing the content and worrying about SEO was too much. So I started a novel!

Then I went back to the blog.

Then I thought about a podcast.

Then I thought about hosting an event.

And, well… that only took me 6 months to say yes to lol.

But along the journey I always knew science + curiosity were at the heart of what I was hoping to accomplish.

I never gave up on the vision.

And now I’m here to share my love for science and curiosity with you!


We believe:

  1. That being curious is the first step to creating a healthy life.

  2. When you understand science you make wiser decisions.


Our Values




Curiosity is the key to solving ANY problem.


Find what keeps YOU physically, mentally and spiritually healthy.


Learning should always be fun and engaging!


IMG_3528 (2).JPG


My name is Zuri Ki McClelland.

I love deep convos, sweater weather and 90’s R&B music.

I am also a scientist and engineer. I’ve tested hummingbird flight inside a wind tunnel, studied cell growth for tissue engineering research and used lasers to make better LEDs for your big screen TV.

Not only have I created experiments in the lab but I’ve also experimented with life as well. I believe the fastest way to get healthy is to stay curiosity and have fun exploring.

Join me at a BeCu Lab!